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This is the logo of D'Driven Erasmus+ Project that is co-funded by the European Union under Key Action 2 Cooperation Partnerships

Transforming businesses into
deaf-friendly environments

D'Driven Project

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This Erasmus+ Project provides solutions to the entrepreneurial development of DHH people and serves as an example of implementation practice.

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Self-paced Online Material where everyone is provided with an interactive and exciting learning experience.

We understand the unique challenges that Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (DHH) individuals face in the job market. That's why we aim to create a collaborative platform to bridge the gap between DHH individuals, employers and their employees. 

By breaking down communication barriers for the DHH community, we can promote accessibility and inclusivity, leading to positive effects on both economic growth and social cohesion. This can foster a greater understanding of the needs and capabilities of the DHH community.

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