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Consortium of Partners

The selection of D'Driven partners was a meticulous process, considering their extensive experience in research projects and their expertise in sectors closely related to the project's content. Furthermore, partners were chosen based on their national context and geographic location to ensure a broad distribution across different regions and cultures.

Each partner brings a proven track record in Erasmus+ projects, demonstrating their ability to effectively communicate and collaborate across cultural barriers. This expertise and experience will contribute to the seamless implementation of project activities, fostering effective cooperation and maximizing the project's impact.


With the collective knowledge and diverse perspectives of the consortium partners, the D'Driven Project is well-positioned to address the challenges and opportunities of promoting inclusivity and empowering Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals in workplaces across various cultural contexts.

This is the logo of University of Deusto located in Bilbao, Spain.
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Legal Name: Universidad De La Iglesia De Deusto Entidad Religiosa

Organization ID: E10208943

Country: Spain (ES)

City: Bilbao (Pais Vasco)

This is the logotype of Youth Empowerment Foundation - IEEN. The foundation is located in Cyprus.
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Legal Name: Youth Empowerment Foundation - IEEN

Organization ID: E10183465

Country: Cyprus (CY)

City: Nicosia

This is a photo of the logotype of Usak Public Education Center. The center is located in Usak, Turkey.

Legal Name: Usak Halk Egitimi Merkezi ve ASO

Organization ID: E10181465

Country: Turkey (TR)

City: Uşak

This is the logotype of Enjoy Italy Organization. The organization is located in Italy.
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Legal Name: Enjoy Italy Di Alessandro Gariano

Organization ID: E10099391

Country: Italy (IT)

City: Marcellinara (Calabria)

This is the logotype of CKT Business Consulting Ltd. The company is located in Cyprus but it operates 100% remotely in the EU.
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Legal Name: CKT Business Consulting Ltd

Organization ID: E10298808

Country: Cyprus (CY)

City: Nicosia

Phone: +357 22 318 403

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Legal Name: Asociatia Nationala a Profesorilor pentru Elevi cu Deficiente de Auz Virgil Florea

Organization ID: E10186071

Country: Romania (RO)

City: Iasi

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