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With the co-funding of the European Union, our consortium of partners, in this Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership Programme, is dedicated to enhancing career opportunities and creating inclusive work environments for individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing (DHH).

We aim to promote deaf awareness and increase the participation of DHH individuals through the creation and dissemination of materials and activities at the local, regional, national, and European levels. Our ultimate goal is to shift employers' and employees' thinking toward people with disabilities, provide access to the labor market, and improve the work status for DHH individuals.

Our mission is to create a new social reality for DHH individuals, where they are empowered to achieve personal growth, career development, and equality in the workforce.

Career Development and Inclusion for
DHH Individuals through a Friendly Workplace

The D'Driven project is an online learning platform that is expected to promote diversity in the workplace, positively impact workflow, and raise employers' profiles and social responsibility as innovative, inclusive, modern, and equal opportunity providers.

Diversity and inclusion lead to higher competencies, morale, and productivity for enterprises.

An Erasmus+ Project


Project's Impact

for DHH individuals

Increased career opportunities and potential for salary increase and job change


Improved work environment leading to personal and professional growth


​Access to materials and training to improve their skills and competencies


Reduced social exclusion and increased social inclusion

for Employers

Improved diversity and inclusion in the workplace leading to higher competencies and productivity


Increased awareness and understanding of DHH individuals' needs and abilities


Improved employer profile and social responsibility


Access to a pool of qualified and talented DHH individuals

for Society

Increased awareness and acceptance of the DHH community

Reduced social awkwardness, marginalization, and medical model approach for deafness

Enhanced social cohesion and solidarity

Promotion of an inclusive and modern society

for the Consortium

  • The project will facilitate knowledge exchange among partners, leading to enhanced skills of all team members.

  • ​​Multicultural competencies and networks will be expanded through project activities, creating more diverse and inclusive work environments.

  • ​The project will enable the improvement of current tools, service provision, and training curricula, resulting in better quality services for stakeholders.

  • ​Processes will be advanced, updated, and digitized, keeping up with the latest technological advancements and increasing efficiency.

This is the logotype of University of Deusto in Bilbao, Spain
This is the logotype of the Youth Empowerment Foundation that is located in Cyprus
This is the logotype of Enjoy Italy Organization. The organization is located in Italy
This is a photo of the logotype of Usak Public Education Center. The center is located in Usak, Turkey.
This is the logotype of Anpeda Virgil Florea Association. The association is located in Romania.
This is the logotype of CKT Business Consulting Ltd. The company has its headquarters in Cyprus, but it operates 100% remotely..
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  • Collect data on the program's effectiveness in changing attitudes and benefiting the deaf community.

  • Provide assistive technology tools for DHH individuals in the workplace.

  • Develop a curriculum and materials to help DHH individuals navigate modern workplaces.

  • Train employers to create inclusive and deaf-friendly environments.

  • Diminish exclusion, marginalization, stigmatization, and trauma for the DHH.


from participants, partners, and stakeholders

CKT Business Consulting Team Member
"D'Driven has opened our eyes to the untapped potential of the deaf community. Through innovative initiatives, we have witnessed firsthand the remarkable talents and capabilities of deaf individuals."

C.Tartios, CKT Business Consulting - Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, Chief Learning Officer

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